Mentoring scheme links new SLTs in Ghana with colleagues in the UK

One of the key areas of focus for BRiGHt (British Ghana Therapy Partnership) has been the establishing of a mentoring scheme for the first cohort of SLTs in Ghana.

From November 2018 when the first SLTs started their internship roles, till October 2019, a group of SLTs in the UK worked with the newly qualified therapists in Ghana.

Monthly meetings were scheduled for two therapists in Ghana to meet with one therapist in the UK using Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp. These meetings have supported the professional development of both therapists in Ghana and therapists in the UK.

The meetings have allowed exchange of information, discussion of clinical and professional issues and opportunities to reflect on the different processes and procedures in Ghana and the UK. The cultural and linguistic knowledge of Ghanaian heritage SLTs in the UK has been invaluable in the consideration of how services can be set up in a culturally appropriate way.

We have all learned so much from the contact which has been supplemented by regular visits to Accra by SLTs in the UK. With the graduation of the first cohort and the granting of their professional licence to practice in Ghana, the new SLTs are now ready to work independently. The contacts we have made will continue as BRiGHt works to connect us through ongoing professional networking.